This apparently is of little or no interest to Milwaukeeans since the local media hasn’t touched it, but the rumored run for Wisconsin governor in 2018 by State Senator Jennifer Shilling is a non-starter:

State Sen. Jennifer Shilling says she has no plans to run for governor in 2018 and will spend the next four years focused on her role in the Senate.

“I am not running in 2018,” the La Crosse Democrat said Tuesday. “I’m really happy with the role that I have and the district I represent and serving in the state Senate.”

Shilling, who was elected last month to a second term as minority leader in the Senate, had been frequently included on the short list of Democrats expected to make gubernatorial bids. In numerous campaign mailers, the Republican State Legislative Committee labeled her a “Madison insider” intent on climbing the political ladder.

Saying she was flattered to be considered as a contender, Shilling did not rule out a future run.

8 Responses to WI State Senator Jennifer Shilling Will Not Challenge Walker for Governor

  1. GuyFromWI says:

    I’m not surprised…she barely won re-election last month.

    Whoever runs, I really think we need a nominee from outside Dane County and Milwaukee County. Whoever it is also desperately needs to be able to connect with rural voters.

    • Joanne Brown says:

      That would be someone who has been making those connections for years — Kathleen Vinehout.

      • GuyFromWI says:

        I like Sen. Vinehout a lot, and she has great policy ideas, but having heard and seen her speak, I fear she would not come across well to many voters.

        • Duane12 says:

          GFW, I too was of that opinion the first time I heard Senator Vinehout speak years ago, but believe she has made great progress in her oratorical skill and is currently equal to the task of presenting the facts and offering solutions that will inspire the voters to elect her.

          Her greatest strength is her intelligence and analytical ability.

          P.S. She is a “fighter” in the good sense of that word.

        • Joanne Brown says:

          Just wonder what are your specific concerns? Which voters? Many progressives like her a lot. Her rural constituents like her. She can speak passionately as for a rally (I have seen that at Bobfest) or conversationally in a house party, addressing each voter’s issues.

          She can be polished or folksy.

          So be more specific with your criticism, Ok?

          Thanks. I am really interested in your viewpoint, whoever you are, Guy.

          • GuyFromWI says:

            Joanne, my worry about her is that she comes off as a bit too academic (ie. focused on numbers and statistics), and she is somewhat overly folksy and awkward in some situations.

            I would, of course, support her if she is the Democratic nominee.

            • Jake formerly of the LP says:

              Vinehout can speak sentences, relate to everyday people, actually understands rural issues (and comes off as relatively pro-gun), and will fight against regressive BS instead of be defensive.

              I’ll take her over what the Dems have had. And she’s a horrible matchup for Walker, whose support is shallow at best in rural Wisconsin these days. It’s not like Milwaukeeans or Madisonians are going to switch to Gov “divide and conquer”- they hate him as much as ever.

  2. pplr says:

    Madison insider climbing ladders..

    If only they were so worried about a former Wisconsin state rep named Scott Walker..

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