We at Blogging Blue have been incredibly negligent the past few months and haven’t opened up the site to our readers for general comments. But now on Inauguration Day…go for it!!

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5 Responses to Inauguration Day Open Forum

  1. Jerry says:

    I fear greatly for the well being of our country. The new President has used bullying, threats and intimidation to make his way in the business world. He has stepped on innocent people in the process and crushed many with powerful highly paid attorneys using courts to exert his will. His demeanor is to disparage and denigrate any who oppose his will. He lacks in openness, honesty and integrity and does not know how to act in a dignified manner. That being said Paul Ryan now becomes the most dangerous person in America. The Ryan agenda is an act of war against working and middle class Americans. Ryan and Trump now have complete ownership of our government and the well being of most of us. They claim they will provide better healthcare coverage at a lower cost……but they are unwilling to show us the plan. Ryan frames his policies and actions with falsehoods as does Trump and they then use this false narrative to legislate. None of their proposed actions will benefit the typical guy on the street. Inequality will grow worse and the wealthy will employ the golden rule…..those with the gold rule. The good news is that the Republican party now owns all of government and if by 2018 they have broken the country….the people can begin the process of throwing them out along with their failed conservative ideology!

    • GuyFromWI says:

      A lot of people sat around for six years waiting for Russ Feingold to come back and save this state. Look where that got us. If Democrats just sit around waiting for a midterm “pushback” against the GOP, or for Cory Bookker or Elizabeth Warren or whoever to save us nationally, we are toast. We need a new message and new strategies ASAP, or just admit defeat now.

  2. WashCoRepub says:

    Makes me feel so great as an American to see the peaceful transfer of power. Something to be very proud of.

  3. Nemo says:

    The Democratic party will not stage a comeback until its current leadership retires. The current captaincy of the progressives bear a striking similarity to the generals of World War One. Sending wave after wave of underlings armed with unpopular and failed policies through logical barbed wire at the rhetorical guns of the right has decimated the Party of Jackson. Today, the reserves are depleted (see 2017 Wisconsin Spring Supreme Court Election), moral is low, and hope is a distant memory (for the left.) Until Nancy and company are superannuated, expect more of the same.

  4. Edward Susterich says:

    “…America First…America First!…”, proclaims Trump.

    Is the “goosestep” making its return?

    With all the religious fervor present at this coronation, it must be reassuring that God will be present in the White House.

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