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  1. sancheq says:

    I first smoked some pot in 1969 when I was in Carthage College. Later, in 1976, after I had transferred to UW Parkside, I studied the state university’s first “Futuristics” class. It occurred to me at the time that marijuana would only be legalized when the USA was collapsing, on the ropes due to a dictatorial takeover. I reasoned that only then would it be to the government’s advantage to do so. Collapse of empires is always due to financial overreach. I thought then that it would be to the empire’s advantage to quell the populace’s unrest by unleashing drugs that could be openly sold and taxed. Flash forward to 2017. I don’t find it unlikely that the Trump administration will follow that course of action. Yes, I know that VP Mike Pence is in the pocket of Big Pharma, notably Indiana-based Eli Lilly. Nonetheless, I still feel that Trump is likely to play the cannabis card out of desperation, and also due to pressure from the 28 states that currently allow for medical use of marijuana and the eight states that even allow for recreational use. Keep in mind, even ultra-conservative libertarians favor legalizing pot. By definition, might that not even include the almighty Koch brothers? What say you, Blogging Blue readers?

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