When I got up this morning it seemed like just another day…but it’s not…with a little trepidation and a lot of excitement, today is the day I take responsibility for Blogging Blue. It’s intimidating. I am not sure I can live up to the expectations for Blogging Blue that Zach set over the past bunch of years. But here we go!

Don’t expect any big immediate changes. I kinda like the vibe around here. But over time I do expect that there will be some tweaks and adjustments. But until I’ve gotten used to all of the background infrastructure, let’s enjoy what we’ve got!

But there are two things I want to do…find a few more contributors who will add new ideas and voices here…and revise the marketing plan to bring in a few new readers and commenters so we can grow our experiences.

So thank you for your loyal readership. Thank you to those of you who comment and have made this a more interesting place. And thank you Zach for getting it all moving in the right direction.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to measure for the new drapes in my corner Editor in Chief office! LOL!

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2 Responses to Good Morning on Another Day and a Fork in the Road

  1. Nemo says:

    Measuring for new drapes yourself? I’da thought you had your people take care of such tasks. Heh.

    Good luck!


  2. Carol Limbacb says:

    Encourage Democrats to get involved with People of Color. BLM MKE & Voces Frontera. Both have Actions scheduled. Become an Ally.
    I reject Extreme GOP’s “Divide and Conquer” strategy. SOLIDARITY has never been as important as it is now!

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