There is a little eddy of controversy surrounding White House National Security Advisor Michael Flynn at the moment. He apparently had discussions with the Russian ambassador to the United States about the sanctions that President Obama imposed on Russia:

Congressional Democrats on Friday called for an investigation into whether White House National Security Adviser Michael Flynn discussed U.S. sanctions in phone calls with Russia’s ambassador while President Barack Obama was still in office, conversations that may have broken U.S. law aimed at barring private citizens from conducting diplomacy.

Democratic Sens. Ed Markey of Massachusetts and Chris Murphy of Connecticut called for an investigation of Flynn. Other Democrats demanded that Trump fire the retired U.S. Army lieutenant general.

“He lied — repeatedly and egregiously — about his actions,” Reps. Ruben Gallego of Arizona and Ted Lieu of California said.

So Mr. Flynn may have broken the law and lied about it. Hopefully Congress will follow through with an actual investigation.

But even that isn’t the most troubling part in my mind. The White House came up with this diversion:

A Trump administration official told The Associated Press Friday that Flynn “can’t be certain” sanctions did not come up on the call. The official said Flynn has “no recollection” of discussing the sanctions, but left open the possibility that the issue did come up when he spoke with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the transition.

So a former general…who is now in a major security position in the Trump regime…can’t remember a conversation he had with an ambassador from a country that we tend to think of as adversarial? Really? That is supposedly a credible excuse? If it is then Mr. Flynn isn’t suited for the job either. At least one person in the West Wing has to be able to remember what they are talking about.

And as a side note, he left Vice President Mike Pence out to dry. VP Pence was vouching for Mr. Flynn until this later story broke.

The report immediately put pressure on the vice president, who had defended Flynn in television after news of the phone call first broke earlier this year.

A second administration official said Friday said Pence was relying on information from Flynn.

Mr. Flynn isn’t making a lot of new friends…it really is time for him to go!

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  1. Sue says:

    If they need to know what was said, why not just ask for Ambassador Kislyak’s recording of the conversation? I hear the Russians like to keep very good records of interactions, in case they prove useful later.

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