No, I really don’t care what they are wearing…not Melania, not Ivanka, not the House Dem Woman, not the president. I care about what they say they are going to do and then what they do. Can we just cut out all of the diversionary conversations?


3 Responses to I don’t care what they are wearing!

  1. Sue says:

    I agree about Melania, Ivanka and the President. If you’re going to be offended that Michelle Obama was criticized for – OMG – showing her arms or offended that President Obama was criticized for taking off his suit jacket – then you can’t turn around and snipe at Trump Inc. for their fashion choices. Of course, pointing out the disconnect is not entirely out of line in the course of a larger conversation should the opportunity present itself. In other words, there’s a place for this discussion among grownups.
    As for the Dem women wearing white, that was a statement and meant to start discussion. I have no problem with a robust discussion on why Dem women were wearing the color of suffrage in 2017.

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