Ryan: Health care plan must change to pass the House : House Speaker Paul D. Ryan said Wednesday that his health-care proposal must change to pass the House, marking a significant retreat from his earlier position that the carefully crafted legislation would fail if altered. Ryan acknowledged that changes would be made two days after an analysis issued by the Congressional Budget Office prompted a fresh round of criticism of his proposal.

What will decide the fate of the GOP’s ObamaCare repeal? : In the late 1940s, a bureaucrat in the Bureau of the Budget (the predecessor to today’s Office of Management and Budget) came up with what would come to be known as Miles’ Law. When one of his subordinates took a job in another agency, Rufus Miles predicted that the gentleman would soon change his position on the cuts to that second agency’s budget that he had theretofore advocated. Miles was right, giving rise to the maxim, “Where you stand depends on where you sit.” Once the man’s direct interests changed, so would his beliefs.

What is the one-China policy? : Many people in Taiwan are now sceptical about the one-China idea. They want the island to be separate from the mainland forever. But they are also fearful of provoking the Communists. China’s military power has grown enormously in recent years. If America were to abandon its one-China policy, and acknowledge Taiwan’s independence, there is a considerable risk that Communist China would attack the island and that America, feeling obliged to defend it, would be dragged into a war. Hence no government was sorry when Mr Trump decided to tell Mr Xi that America still believed in one China. Taiwan will only hope that the one China in question is not just the People’s Republic.

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