CBO report on House Republicans’ proposal to revise the Affordable Care Act : The CBO report marks the beginning of a new phase in the debate over the week-old health-care bill, which is moving through the House on an accelerated timetable despite opposition from Republicans, Democrats and virtually every sector of the U.S. health-care industry .

White House bashes Obamacare in first ‘1600 Daily’ newsletter : A number of people received a new White House newsletter Monday, as President Trump’s administration launched “1600 Daily” to spread its views on the news.
The publication came as a surprise to some readers. Sarah Sanders, the deputy White House press secretary, told Yahoo News, “Everyone who signs up on the wh.gov site receives it.” The opening line set the tone for what followed: “Today, President Trump will meet with victims of Obamacare — individuals, businesses, and others negatively impacted by the law.”

How Republicans want to change the health-insurance market : MOST Americans of working age get health insurance from their employers. But many—such as the self-employed, the unemployed and those working for small firms—must buy it for themselves. Before the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, this market did not function well. Healthy people could get cheap coverage, but if they fell chronically ill, insurers found it easy to boot them off their plans or limit their coverage. Obamacare made the market work better, at a cost to some buyers and to taxpayers. Now Republicans want to overhaul it again, with the American Health Care Act (AHCA). What would they do to it, and why?

The Worst Governor Ever For Workers? : Terry McGowan is the president of Local 139, a statewide union of 9,000 heavy ­machinery operators who endorsed Scott Walker for governor in 2010 because he promised to increase highway funding and build more roads. McGowan was among a significant number of private sector union members who supported Walker, even after he succeeded in passing Act 10, which decimated public unions in Wisconsin.

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