The Affordable Care Act was what, passed in 2010? The GOP had almost 7 years to produce their alternative and the American Health Care Act is the best they could come up with? Read the Bill Here!

But the real question that I’d like to ask you: Do you think healthcare is a right or a commodity? And what do you think should be included in a healthcare insurance plan?


4 Responses to Whither Obamacare: What do you think should be part of health care coverage?

  1. Edward Susterich says:

    Medicare for all– from your first breath at birth to your last gasp at the end.

    Pay for it by taxing not just wages but all sources of income with no cap. If one now has yearly dividend or investment income of $1,000,000–no contribution to medicare is made. Yet someone with hourly earnings or salary contributes to Medicare fund— fair?

    Bernie Sanders had it right.

  2. Duane12 says:

    We should have better coverage than France and thirty-five other countries.

    1. France
    30. Canada
    37. U.S.
    190 Myamar

    Ooops, Trumpland is first but only has one citizen!

  3. Steve Carlson says:

    Mark Dayton has proposed a public option for Minnesotans currently on the ACA exchange. But I can’t seem to get a single Wisco Dem politician or allied pseudo-progressive organization the least bit interested in it.

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