Today I received a begging email from the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee. They were complaining about the Senate going nuclear and confirming Justice Gorsuch’s appointment to the US Supreme Court. To assuage their grief they wanted me to send them a contribution and suggested any number of amounts and direct links to get the ball rolling.

Now I know that I have broached this before…but nobody is listening. This kind of scare message isn’t what we need anymore. It certainly tells me that I don’t want to participate by opening my wallet.

The header on the email was “Time for Payback”.

I don’t want payback…I want a strong positive policy…I want messaging on how the Democratic Party can do it better. I want progress…you are not going to scare me into action…you need to lead by example and have a vision…and you need to listen to me and other Democrats and Americans.

2 Responses to Another Snipe at The Democrats: Time For Payback

  1. Dennis D Degenhardt says:

    I agree 100% and I have been pushing back on all kinds of democratic related emails using the right wings fear tactics. Most of us are far to smart to have our time wasted with those Republican ploys. I in turn refuse to even consider a donation regardless once I receive The Scare.

  2. Charles Kuehn says:

    Again, recommended reading to educate oneself on why the seemingly inexorable red shift in our nation’s politics continues:

    Unless and until this issue is addressed and corrected, no amount of “strong positive policy” will be of any avail whatsoever.

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