Ok, this is totally off the usual Blogging Blue beaten path…but I was just wondering how adding the ‘Fearless Girl’ sculpture infringes the copyright on the Wall Street ‘Charging Bull’. If the sculptor has a contract on how much space his bull requires or display rules…it would be a violation of a contract. But copyright infringement. I mean, WTF?

The Italian-American artist who created “Charging Bull,” which has stood south of Wall Street for nearly 30 years, alleged Wednesday that “Fearless Girl” breached his copyright, distorted his artistic message and should be moved elsewhere.

“It’s really bad,” a frail Arturo Di Modica, 76, told reporters, his voice thick with emotion and barely audible. “She’s there attacking the bull,” he added.

A little girl standing legs firmly planted a shoulder width apart with hands on her hips is attacking the bull? We are this afraid of the female form? Really? You want attacking the bull, why don’t we give her a red cape and a spear? Just sayin’.

But Di Modica’s lawyers say it has transformed the bull “into a negative force and a threat” and turned his career triumph into a derivative work without permission.

“Very simply we request respectfully that the ‘Fearless Girl’ statue be removed,” said lawyer Norman Siegel, calling for damages to be awarded for the “violation” of his client’s statutory rights.

“None of us here today are in any way not proponents of gender equality but there are issues of copyright and trademark,” he said.

Seems sorta like if Courbet complained that the Prado hung a Picasso cubist painting of a woman too close to one of his landscapes…

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