After launching 59 cruise missiles at a Syrian airfield in retaliation for the Syria’s use of chemical weapons against civilians, President Trump said he was moved by the pictures of those killed…particularly the children and the babies.

I appreciate that he was moved at the sight of the dead and wounded. I have to give him credit for that level of empathy. I can appreciate that in a president no matter who that is.

But, I don’t want a knee jerk military response based on those feelings. We need a well reasoned, qualified approach to American military involvement no matter what the situation. Now this was a ‘proportional’ response which indicates that the military actually had some sway in the air strike…but I shudder to think that we could get involved in something bigger just because his gut tells him how to respond. Particularly with the apparent lack of a cohesive foreign policy coming from the White House or State Department.

North Korea is just a whisper away from being big trouble…

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3 Responses to Thoughts On President Trump’s Response To Syria’s Use of Chemical Weapons

  1. Gregory says:

    There was a need to level a severe punch to Assad and that in and of itself was what took place. There needed to be a response to using chemical weapons that can stand alone from larger aims in that nation. The world community was for the most part in agreement with what happened. There will be–must be–a thoughtful approach to this larger issue. But like so many foreign policy matters they often prove to be more insoluble problems with only unpleasant alternatives. But that should not cloud the international resolve to not ever allow the use of chemical weapons to go without a hard strike at the offender.

  2. Duane12 says:

    I agree that President Trump’s response was just and measured.

    But he, as a person and a president, has much room for improvement politically, morally, and justly.

  3. Duane12 says:

    “North Korea is just a whisper away from being big trouble..”

    Question: Yeah, wouldn’t it take just one one Nuke to wipe out an entire Carrier Battle Group?

    Answer:It depends who moves first.

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