Walker’s Policies Hurting Small Farms : It’s not surprising that smaller farming operations are at the greater risk when the supply chain takes a sudden hit due to changes in Canada, yet Wisconsin government in the Walker years of one-party, corporate-obeisant rule has been applying its official authority in a coordinated way to increase milk production to over-supply conditions while disregarding the consequences on small dairy farmers – – and the water supply, drinking water contamination and other issues.

Trump spurs small-business optimism in Milwaukee area : It’s all still quite tentative, but Donald Trump’s election and first few months as president have small-business executives in southeastern Wisconsin feeling sunnier about the prospects for their companies. That may not seem surprising; business generally favors Republicans. But there was no comparable surge in small-business optimism when George W. Bush won in 2000 after eight years of Democratic incumbency.

Three months in, President Trump and Paul Ryan have a … complicated relationship : Three months into Trump’s presidency and one failed health-care reform deal later, the two Republican leaders have a much less antagonistic but no less complicated relationship.

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