Alphabet will track health data of 10,000 volunteers to ‘create a map of human health’ : Verily, formerly Google’s life sciences arm, is launching today a four-year study called Project Baseline to find out why people transition from being generally healthy to getting sick. The Silicon Valley-based company is working with its partners, Duke University and Stanford Medicine, to enroll 10,000 participants from diverse backgrounds at half a dozen study sites in California and North Carolina.

Why America’s Federal Reserve might make money disappear : BEFORE the financial crisis, America’s Federal Reserve held assets worth around $850bn. Today, the central bank’s balance-sheet is more than five times as large, at $4.5trn. It grew during and after the financial crisis as the Fed purchased vast quantities of government bonds and mortgage-backed securities using newly created money, most of it under a policy known as quantitative easing (QE). Now the Fed is preparing to sell some assets, and retire the corresponding money. Why and how will it do this?

The Democrats fall just short in Georgia : “NO RUN-OFF”, exhorted a sign at Jon Ossoff’s campaign office in Sandy Springs. As it turned out, in the special election for Georgia’s 6th congressional district on April 18th—for a seat vacated by Tom Price, now Donald Trump’s health secretary—the Democrat fell just short of the 50% needed to avoid a second round. Mr Trump thus narrowly escaped an ominous rebuke in the sort of place Democrats hope to flip in elections next year.

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One Response to What We Are Reading: 04/20/2017

  1. Cat Kin says:

    The Republicans will drain every source of Government funds they can–they always do–All you dumb Democrats who refused to vote for Hillary will just have to watch that happen, along with a possible war (police action) cropping up somewhere. This will again raise the cry against “entitlements”, threatening health care, Social Security, Medicare and every other vestige of American free society.
    And now the Zionist faction in American politics is again going after Iran So that Isreal can continue to control the Middle East. It frightens me that the American Zionists, through have such control over the media that they were able to let Ossoff get so close to a win and then pull the rug out by having him drop two points in the last few days.
    We had some hope with the Ossoff campaign in Georgia, but now we have to sustain efforts on up until the next elections and beyond. Not possible, I’m thinking.

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