In the state of Paul Ryan and Scott Walker, ‘Janestown’ offers profile of town struggling to survive : Just as Donald Trump did on the campaign trail during 2016, Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin, made seemingly impossible pledges about job creation, promising 250,000 in the state during his first term. And, like many such promises, Walker’s fell far short, with only 30,000 added in the first 18 months of his administration. In her debut book, “Janesville,” which chronicles the Rust Belt trials of that town’s residents from 2008 through 2013, Amy Goldstein chronicles Walker’s tumultuous tenure as governor, as well as the state- and national-level machinations of Janesville’s native son, Paul Ryan.

How to Write TV in the Age of Trump : It’s got to be one of the best jobs in Hollywood: Sit around all day dreaming up fantasy political scenarios that are either so over-the-top crazy or wishfully idealistic — plotlines that could never play out in real life — that they provide the sort of escapist television viewers crave. Then came Campaign 2016, the Nov. 8 results and, finally, President Donald J. Trump. Suddenly, the writers who work on political television shows were competing less with one another and more with real life, because of a president who transformed their seemingly escapist scripts into something resembling nonfiction — and scrambled the traditional notions of political cause and effect that they tended to base their drama upon.

Wisconsin Democrats see new energy, challenges : There’s renewed energy on the left — both in Wisconsin and in national races like last Tuesday’s special congressional election in Georgia. Its impact is already being felt in policy fights in Congress over issues such as Obamacare. “The question is sustainability and organization: You ask the question of can you stay mad for two years? Some of the activists say, ‘Hell yes!’ ” Marquette University Law School pollster Charles Franklin said.

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