Refugees in US are already extensively vetted before they come : “They” …arrived in Georgia last year after emerging from a year-and-a-half-long screening process overseas. Refugees, according to advocates, receive the most thorough screenings of any travelers to the United States. Yet President Donald Trump says the process needs to be tightened, especially when Americans are being targeted by terrorists.

Can call for urgency and consensus on education take hold in Wisconsin? : In six phrases, I can summarize a provocative recent morning in Madison.

Closed parks, furloughs, ‘Green Eggs’: A look at shutdowns : Disputes over spending and health care in a divided Washington have triggered shutdowns of the federal government in recent years. Republicans now control the White House and Congress, and if lawmakers and President Donald Trump fail to agree on a spending bill by midnight Friday, a shutdown of an all-GOP government would occur for the first time in modern history.

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