Several news sources over the last few days have claimed that former Senator and former Democratic Vice-Presidential Joe Lieberman is President Donald Trump’s leading candidate for the Director of the FBI. Even before I started looking around, my immediate response was, you have got to be kidding.

Some pundits think it’s great that the president would consider the former Democrat for the position. And former Democrat is right as Mr. Lieberman ran for his last term in the Senate…and won…as an independent. But it puts a gloss on the appointment of non-partisanship and maybe a sop thrown to the Democrats. And the president said that they really hit it off during their interview.

But I don’t think the Democrats want anything to do with it. The prevailing thought seems to be we need a lawman of impeccable credentials, who has never expressed any type of partisan allegiance, who can manage a large and complex law enforcement agency like the FBI.

Despite having been Attorney General in Connecticut from 1983 to 1989, Mr. Lieberman doesn’t really have the skill set we need at the FBI right now.

But let’s go one layer deeper in our assessment of Mr. Lieberman. If the president were to appoint him to the director position it wouldn’t appear that the appointment was going to another Trump crony…but appearances aren’t what they seem. Since leaving the Senate and returning to private life, Mr. Lieberman returned to the practice of law…as mentioned in this excerpt from Wikipedia:

Following his retirement from the Senate, Lieberman became senior counsel of the white collar criminal defense and investigations practice at Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman, a law firm in New York City whose notable clients include Donald Trump

Whose most notable clients include Donald Trump. So I can no longer suppose it’s mere coincidence that Joe Lieberman shows up as an FBI director candidate? I can no longer suppose that Mr. Lieberman’s selection would be a non-partisan or bipartisan effort? So I can no longer suppose that President Trump isn’t selecting a crony? But I can suppose that appointing Joe Lieberman to the position of Director of the FBI is a very very bad idea that shouldn’t be entertained by the Senate for one second. Sheesh.

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