It’s been several days since Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke announced that he had accepted a position with the Department of Homeland Security. He supposedly is to become an assistant secretary and act as a liaison between the DHS and local law enforcement agencies. There is only one problem with this…the DHS hasn’t said a word about the appointment and in answers to media queries, DHS spokespeople say they have no announcements to make about his appointment. And of course, he hasn’t yet tendered his resignation to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker…which as a constitutional elected officer he is required to do if leaving his position as sheriff. So exactly what is up?

Any number of people (including Representative Gwen Moore [D – 4th WI CD Milwaukee]) are questioning his fitness for a federal job much less his current position of sheriff given the recent deaths in the jail he oversees…and his lack of communication with the public about those deaths…no notice of changes at the jail…no reprimands or suspensions of jail personnel…nothing..nada…zip. After the recent grand jury recommendations for indictments against jail personnel involved in the deaths…it would be a huge black eye for DHS and President Donald Trump if a new assistant secretary got indicted for murder or manslaughter shortly after taking the job.

And there’s tonight’s news that he may plagiarized other sources up to 47 times for his recent master’s thesis.

So there is a pretty good chance that Sheriff Clarke ain’t going nowhere…so he needs to defeated in the 2018 election for sheriff.

btw: for some reason the hottest blog post on the site the past two days is my two year old post: Is Sheriff Clarke In Uniform?. Go figure.

3 Responses to So What Exactly Is the Deal With Sheriff Clarke and the Dept. of Homeland Security.

  1. John Casper says:

    Great catch on the uniform. I missed that.

    I saw it for the first time yesterday on Twitter.

    • Sue says:

      I saw that too. If he finds himself jobless (I can hope), he can always work at Chotchkie’s – the man has a flair for flair.

  2. Duane12 says:

    Except for the difference in color, Clark and Trump could be brothers.

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