From one of our regular readers, a piece from Salon about Sheriff David Clarke’s medals. Click through to the whole article, it’s worth checking out:

…an interesting charge against Clarke surfaced in the form of a Twitter rant on Thursday.

At almost all of his public appearances, Clarke either wears a pristine cowboy hat with a natty suit or, more famously, a uniform festooned with shiny military medals. On Thursday, Twitter user Charles Clymer, an army veteran, pointed out that those military medals might not be all that legit.

“Look at this fucking guy’s uniform,” Clymer said, in the second of a long string of tweets on the subject. “You see all that shit pinned all over his dress uniform jacket? That’s not supposed to be there.”

Clymer went on to break down each individual medal, their placement and their apparently spurious provenance. Clymer acknowledged that legitimate medals are earned, and should be worn with pride, but accuses Clarke of “stolen valor” and calls Clarke’s collection, “a sloppy assortment of badge replicas arranged neatly, [that] looks imposing.”

He goes on to say that the way Clarke wears his medals seems more like something, “a fucking 10 year-old does. And I know because I was 10 and did this with a pin collection one day. Stupid fun.”

Unfortunately, I think Milwaukee County is stuck with Sheriff Clarke until the 2018 elections.

Editor’s Note (05/26/17): updated version of the article with descriptions of many of the pins:

7 Responses to Want More Sheriff Clarke Uniform Silliness?

  1. Wisconsin Conservative Digest says:

    This entry is so BS and immature. Grow up kiddies.

  2. Ed Heinzelman says:

    But it still leaves on the question I asked in January 2015…do they meet the uniform standards he himself set in place a few years back with a fair amount of controvery

  3. Mark E. Bye says:

    Go to a few HOG rallies and you can look like that, too!

  4. Charles Kuehn says:

    We have one of those uniform-clad, fruit salad-bedecked, showboat sheriffs here in Eau Claire County too. Only thing missing is the cowboy hat.

  5. Duane12 says:

    The uniform adornments are no substitute for competence or professionalism.

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