As we discussed earlier this week, the GOP legislators in Madison are tinkering with the wheel tax…the one mechanism that local governments still have access to raise funds for infrastructure repairs and maintenance. Well the latest from under the dome says that existing wheel taxes are ok and can continue EXCEPT the one for Milwaukee County:

The proposal would also end the $30 wheel tax Milwaukee County recently enacted. The other 19 communities that already have them — including the City of Milwaukee — would be able to keep them, but any new wheel taxes would have to be approved by referendum. [emphasis mine]

First of all…why the obvious discrimination and animosity to Milwaukee County? And why is it even legal to do so?

So much for the guardians of local control.

6 Responses to What Does The GOP in Madison Have Against Milwaukee County

  1. GuyFromWI says:

    It’s always amazing how the Wisconsin GOP continues to attack major engines that drive our state economy. Namely, Milwaukee, Madison, and the UW system.

  2. Wisconsin Conservative Digest says:

    Milwaukee is corrupt,top ten worst managed cities in country. They do not need more money they need more and better leaders.

    • Ed Heinzelman says:

      Bob, can you stay on topic here? We are talking about Milwaukee County.

      • Jake formerly of the LP says:

        No Dumb Dohnal, you are confusing “Milwaukee” with the micro-manging GOP crooks in the suburbs. Meanwhile, the Milwaukee metro was 1 of only 2 top-50 metros to lose jobs in the last 12 months. Maybe we need to fire the MMAC oligarchs and their GOP puppets instead.

        As for the law, they are trying to make any wheel tax put into effect in 2017 illegal without a referendum. Good luck convincing a court that’s not an ex post facto stuation.

  3. WashCoRepub says:

    Hey, anything that’s not on the trolley line won’t be worth going to anyway! I’m in favor of letting Milwaukee County raise their wheel tax just as high as they want… heck, hundreds per vehicle sounds about right. Those million-dollar backdrop payments to Milwaukee County pensioners don’t come cheap, you know!

    • Jake formerly of the LP says:

      Why does a W(HITE TR)ashCo Repub like you care, anyway? Worry about your own declining cesspool, kiddo.

      PS- Funny how your boy Scotty had 8 years to do something about the pensions , and he did NOTHING except to allow the problem to get worse by concealing it and making political poses.

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