Should Free Markets Govern the Bond Rating Agencies? : There’s a lot not to like in the Financial Choice Act, the deregulatory construct put forward by House Republicans on April 28. Dubbed by its creators the “alternative to the failed Dodd-Frank Act,” it aims to repeal the 2010 law’s prohibition against banks engaging in risky trading for their own accounts. It also seeks to gut the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, one of the more effective agencies in Washington. What hasn’t received much attention is how the bill would change the rules governing credit ratings agencies — but it should. What the Choice Act would require is bad, both in how it would roll back the law and in what it would keep. But the bill also misses a big opportunity to change the ratings industry for the better.

The Wrong Way to Fix Student Debt : Tens of millions of Americans together owe more than a trillion dollars in student debt. For the financial health of their households and the entire economy, ensuring a fair and smoothly functioning student loan system is critically important. But with a series of regulatory changes, the Trump administration is taking us in the wrong direction, making student loans riskier, more expensive and more burdensome for borrowers.
Donald Trump’s health secretary defends White House party for mostly white men : Donald Trump’s Health and Human Services Secretary has responded to criticism over an apparent lack of diversity at a White House party held to celebrate the US President’s new healthcare bill – by claiming at least two women were present. Tom Price claimed several woman were “leading in this area of healthcare” after a photo of the gathering drew criticism for showing an almost entirely white, male crowd celebrating the passing of Mr Trump’s American Health Care Act, which opponents say will have a disproportionately negative impact on women.

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