Republicans Are Now the ‘America First’ Party : For most of my career, the Republican Party was pretty easy to define. It stood for small government, an internationalist foreign policy, free trade, and moral and religious conservatism. Ronald Reagan was the party’s North Star. Of course, there have always been Republicans who veered from that line — but everyone understood what the party meant. Of all the people still trying to process Donald Trump’s rise to the presidency, perhaps none are more confused than my generation of conservatives, who came of age under Mr. Reagan and drank deeply of that old orthodoxy

When Congress Made Taxes Fairer : With President Trump now talking about overhauling the tax code, it’s worth reflecting on the last time Congress revamped the system: the Tax Reform Act of 1986. That bill’s success relied on a clear set of principles, a committed president, an effective Treasury secretary, bipartisan support and congressional committee chairmen willing to put their reputations on the line. Few of those pieces seem in place today, and the Trump administration hasn’t even begun to face the trade-offs necessary to cut rates without increasing the deficit or widening the gap between rich and poor. But perhaps the lessons of the past show a way forward.

How to prepare America’s retail workers for technological change : IT USED to be the American shopper that exemplified the state of the world economy. The focus now should be on the person on the other side of the till. America’s retail industry is huge: it employs 15.9m workers, who represent one in nine American jobs. It is also undergoing wrenching change, as e-commerce eats into sales. There is no more pressing test of society’s ability to cope with technology’s impact on work

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  1. Duane12 says:

    My definition of the Republican party is more succinct. It was born as a child of the great depression years:

    The party of Lincoln currently and primarily represent the interests of the rich and powerful and oppose, marginalize, or ignore those of labor and the needy.

    Of course there are nuances or,if you will excuse the term, shades of black and white.

    And lest I forget, there are differences of equality more recently toward some of others of national origin and religion.

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