Once again President Donald Trump stated that the Senate hearings into possible Russian interference in the US elections in 2016 is just an excuse by the Democrats for their loss last November.

So let me clarify this for the president. The Republican party controls both houses in the US Congress. And although vocal (and in my opinion not vocal enough) the Democrats would have a very difficult preventing the GOP from passing whatever legislation they want…wouldn’t be able to hold these hearings if the GOP quashed them…would essentially be invisible in Washington.

So these hearings are being held because there’s smoke and the temperature might indicate a fire. The AHCA is a mess because the different factions of the GOP can’t agree. The budget is up for grabs because of the varying philosophies in the GOP on what to fund and how to fund it. The ‘tax reform’ bill is dead in the water because the GOP can’t agree on how much to cut or what loopholes to close. Washington is at a stand still because the party with majority power has no leadership.

So stop blaming the Dems for something they have no control over.

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