thoughts on James Comey, Jeff Sessions, Wisconsin Dems, Wisconsin Budget? What have you???

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2 Responses to Sunday Open Thread: 06/11/2017

  1. Scooter's an idiot says:

    Lock them up! Ryan and Rojo also for the cover-up.

  2. onevote says:

    The budget is on my mind — federal, state, local. Governments use tax revenues to fund public programs.

    When the feds now devote so much of our taxes to the military and the cause of offensive “regime change” war, little is left to maintain and improve our American commons. Tulsi Gabbard gave a speech this weekend expaining this predicament:

    Taking Robben Vos’ statements on the Wiscosnin transportation budget, with talk of taxpayer-ripoff
    toll roads and PPPs being bandied about, seems this Trump development might be relevant to consider:
    (It’s an RT program, but I can assure you I’m not a Russian agent, witting or not)

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