Why Federal Election Study Needed : President Donald Trump continues to state that his win last November was large, even though he lost the popular vote and won three critical states by very slim margins. He states that between three to five million people voted illegally, and that every one of them voted for Hillary Clinton, fully accounting for her “fake” lead in the popular vote. On May 11, 2017, he signed an executive order creating a “Presidential Commission on Election Integrity.” It will be chaired by Vice President Mike Pence and has a broad mandate to review policies and practices that affect Americans’ confidence in the integrity of federal elections.

U.S. Sees a Vital Iraqi Toll Road, but Iran Sees a Threat : The highway from Baghdad to Amman, Jordan, cuts through the insurgent badlands of the western Iraqi desert, and these days any truck driver risks confrontation with roving bands of gunmen. In the future, though, the United States envisions the road as something like the New Jersey Turnpike, with service stations, rest areas, cafes and tollbooths.

Rebuked Twice by Supreme Court, North Carolina Republicans Are Unabashed : In Washington, efforts by this state’s Republicans to cement their political dominance have taken a drubbing this month. On May 15, the Supreme Court struck down a North Carolina elections law that a federal appeals court said had been designed “with almost surgical precision” to depress black voter turnout. A week later, the court threw out maps of two congressional districts that it said sought to limit black voters’ clout. And it could get worse: Gerrymandering challenges to other congressional and state legislative districts also are headed for the justices.

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