Even in Liberal Cities, Budgets Push Austerity Into Starvation Territory : As soon as it was released, President Trump’s budget, titled “A New Foundation for American Greatness,” was characterized by politicians and ordinary human beings of various leanings as the manifesto of someone who seemed to wish he were running a Victorian orphanage. Greatness, in the context of the administration’s economic ideology, is built on a ground laid thick with self-abnegation. It is demanded not on the part of the well off, who are mandated instead to indulge themselves — spending the money they might have otherwise paid in taxes on Jet Skis and lake houses — but from those who are not typically in a position to decide whether it’s wild Alaskan salmon or a grass-fed rib-eye for dinner tonight.

Georgia Democrats Know Close Won’t Count This Time : Two percentage points. That’s how close Jon Ossoff, a 30-year-old Democrat running for office for the first time, came to an upset victory in a conservative Georgia congressional district in an April election when he led a pack of 18 contenders with 48 percent of the vote. How and whether he gets those two percentage points, roughly 3,700 votes, in a June 20 runoff have been at the heart of a political riddle that both sides have been trying to crack ever since.

The Supreme Court protects a Mexican immigrant from deportation : “WE HAVE some bad hombres here”, Donald Trump said in his third debate with Hillary Clinton, “and we’re going to get them out”. Ridding America of undocumented immigrants with criminal records is, rhetoric aside, not terribly far from Barack Obama’s position; he prioritised the deportation of people found guilty of violent and drug-related crimes. In practice, though, Mr Trump’s recent crackdown has ushered in a new era where none of the 11m unauthorised immigrants living in America feels especially secure. Mr Trump’s get-tough policy received two quite different messages from federal courts on May 30th. One, from the Supreme Court, limited executive discretion in the realm of deportation without ever naming Mr Trump. The other, from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, upheld the deportation of a longtime Hawaii businessman and father of three while at the same time condemning the 45th president’s stance on immigration as “contrary to the values of this nation and its legal system”.

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