Trust me on this…it’s not because he’s actually read them and found them lacking. It’s simply because he didn’t personally negotiate the agreements and therefore without the master negotiator…well…they just aren’t good enough. Except they are…and he’s not what he thinks he is…his skills if he ever actually had any…have proven to be totally ineffective even within his own party…which totally owns the Hill.

And then there’s that thing that he does around these agreements. He plays the victim. Every damn time. America is being taken advantage of. We can get a better deal. It’s one thing to continually lie with a straight face and a whole ‘nother to continually play the victim card when you are the post powerful leader in the world at the head of the most powerful nation. That might play out in your real estate boardroom but it isn’t playing on the international stage. President Donald Trump has forsaken leadership of the free world, lock, stock and barrel.

4 Responses to Why Doesn’t Trump Like NAFTA, the TPP, the Paris Accords or the Iran Nuclear Treaty?

  1. Wisconsin Conservative Digest says:

    Stupid ignorant comment

  2. nonquixote says:

    Never thought I’d even partially agree with WCD.

    Ed,lumping the TPP and NAFTA, two of the worst policy ideas for US labor and manufacturing ever conceived, with the Paris Accords or the I N Treaty makes your title exactly what WCD says.

    And I do think you are succumbing to the DNC Trump Derangement Syndrome being employed to cover their own asses with all the corporate agenda priority mistakes and abandonment of the working class happening at an accelerated pace over the last 15 years.

    • Ed Heinzelman says:

      NonQ. You have proven my point exactly. Whether any of these agreements are favorable to the United States or not…the president is against them…because he doesn’t own them. He can’t distinguish one from the other.

  3. onevote says:

    Look, we all know we can’t stand Trump. Either can I. I also can’t stand Mike Pence. Just maybe, we speak from experiences with different areas of the economic spectrum. This is all about moral and social values, both domestic and international.

    We would not have to deal with The Donald as Prez now if it wasn’t for our compliant, access-oriented, media. $$$$$ rules, apparently, but there are all sorts of citizen/voters out there that want and need positive change.

    “Free Trade” agreements, work out great for the rich, but leave most people left to suffer:

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