Please enjoy the holiday and remember why we are celebrating:


3 Responses to Celebrate the Fourth of July: Open Thread

  1. Duane12 says:

    Allow me to remember and celebrate my family Vets…

    Uncle Fritz, US Army, WWII European theater, England.

    Uncle Will, Merchant Marine, WWII North Atlantic, Torpedoed three times WIA.

    Cousin Richard, US Army, Korean War, WIA, Chinese grenade fragments to face.

    Brother in law Bruce, US Army Korean War, KIA, deployed November, returned home and buried December.

    Grandson Peter, US Army, deployed Gulf War, Currently on Active duty USA

    Grandson Dillon, US Army, Second year student, USMA

    Duane12, USAF Korean War, Served three years of four year enlistment (war ended).

    And on this day, thank you all, past and current for your service.

  2. Duane12 says:

    Correction: Bruce should be “Vietnam war.” I’m sorry.

  3. Terry C Lamm says:

    Father John S. Casto, US Army, WIA, WWII

    Husband Denny F. “Dee” Lamm, US Army Airborn, WIA, Vietnam War

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