I haven’t had a chance to read about the Dems’ Better Deal that they announced today. So I would like your thoughts on the subject. Something to work with or meh?

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  1. Duane12 says:

    I have been on Medicare for 20+ years with no problems. Most of that time has been “single payer” and the last four years with two private insurers,one of which dropped out of offering Medicare coverage after two years.

    One may ask why I changed. “Simple”, to my conflicted state reps(Duffy & Johnson) or more direct to my fellow citizens,”Elementary my dear Watson,” the private insurers give me more bang for my bucks. If they increase my cost,I can go back to single payer. Also,my option helps control the greed of the insurance companies.

    The solution is simple in my opinion; the Dems caved in to the Republicans and the Insurance companies to pass Obamacare. So,I suggest that Congress add “single payer” as an option to Obamacare. Result: More choice and more competition with a dual system used and proven in Medicare and in other countries.

    P.S. I suggest do a search for “singlepayer”

  2. nonquixote says:

    My understanding is that new political issue, “features,” will continue to be rolled out over some period of time. Don’t worry, nothing will likely change for the DPW or the national Democratic leadership who’ve told us to shut up and accept the status quo.

    Witness yesterday’s panic email from the DPW press office urging us to call Senator Johnson’s office and tell him what to do. Riiiiggghhht…


    The 37 percent is right. The Democratic Party stands for something, alright. It stands for the socio-pathological system of class rule and environmental ruin called capitalism – and for capitalism’s evil Siamese twin imperialism.

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