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2 Responses to Sunday Evening Sermon:

  1. onevote says:

    Please read Nancy MacLean’s “Democracy in Chains” to find out about why politics is presented now. It explains the framework–secrecy is a big part of it’s success, not very democratic–that pushed America to accept the neoliberal ideal, first 1980s Republicans, then 1990s Democratic Leadership Council Democrats (think Clinton, Gore)–and it was all based on conservative opposition to the 1954 Brown Supreme Court decision to desegregate our public schools. Talk about racism and discrimination, folks…

    Since then, “Public Choice” has been the modus operandi to get consent for attempts at privatizing Social Security, vouchers and charter schools, welfare, and now our infrastructure.

    This IS what Ronald Reagan, ALEC, Tommy Thompson and now Scott Walker have wrecked us with. As Democrats, we have to return to our pre-neoliberal roots to find any future success. Dead people don’t vote and computer chips are not food.

    • onevote says:

      Since I got no response, I’ll repond to myself, for all to appreciate.

      For a time, circa 1993-97, I lived in the DC area, moving there because of Wisconsin’s bad economy and a particular political viewpoint I had.

      We fought against the conservative mantra that was then (and unfortunately, now), with little money backing from the populace.

      The first year I lived in a small northern Virginia town, and life was very foreign to my Wisconsin roots; they seemed to be still fighting the Civil War that had long been decided. The downtown boasted a flag, not the Confederate but the British.

      I learned there that the Brits had backed the Confederacy during the Civil War, while the Union had been allied with the Russians. Czar Nicholas II freed the serfs at the same time Lincoln emancipated slaves. Both leaders had communicated with each other.

      Circa mid-90s, I regularly walked through a public park that had tennis courts. The site of those courts had originally been a swimming pool for all to enjoy. Virginia is very hot and humid in summers, and the local oligarchs–to punish black people, who had no access to Country Club pools–wrecked them, turning the site into tennis courts.

      It was there that I first heard of a group (having previously worked in music, and being friends with blacks, here and in Virginia) called Fishbone, who had a great song called “Swim,” which described their circumstance:

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