Maybe it’s a junior sort of day…what do you think about Donald Jr, Carl Jr, Whopper Jr, Junior Mints, Junior Bridgeman, your junior prom or anything else on your mind today…

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4 Responses to Sunday Open Thread: 07/16/2017

  1. onevote says:

    Since I don’t know what to say about Junior Mints, I’m just as SNL would say, “verklempt, so talk amongst yourselves…”

    Then again, we could maybe investigate Trump’s infrastructure and healthcare plans.

  2. nonquixote says:

    Quit Lying Martha,

    Same mistakes by the DPW and our US Representatives as every other old beginning of an election cycle. No plan, no initiates, nothing but junior high school badmouthing of the “opposition.”

    From July 16, “Update From the Chair,”

    Democrats will continue the fight to protect health care for hard working families in our state. In 2018, the voters will choose progressives who stood up to protect their health care.

    Follow the links in this story, and since it is over a month old, perhaps a few changes in promotion of full health care for all may have occurred among any US Dems.

    • onevote says:

      Good comments, nonquixote.

      The DPW reaction to all of this nothing but crickets. The DNC is continuing their usual salespitch. An interesting site you mention, and yet gets no reaction from BB writers.

      They, through the big media (BB included), can present themselves as so “concerned,” and tear down any policy idea or candidate they are so privileged to do so.

      Meanwhile, ordinary–knowledgeable–people are ignored, even though those people are actually doing the physical work to promote the Democratic Party door-to-door.

      A lot wrong with this picture; I’m afraid for 2018 Dem prospects.

      • Ed Heinzelman says:

        Just in case you don’t know…Blogging Blue contributors, me included, are volunteers who do this in our spare time. And each contributor writes from their own point of view and in their own voice. Although I am the ‘Senior Editor’ here, that simply means I pay the bills out of my own pocket. I don’t tell anyone what to write, I don’t edit their posts, there is no party line or corporate view point. And none of us can respond to everything that is posted here. I wish we could…but I got a day job.

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