asking for a friend…no really…this time I am. I got asked this yesterday and I don’t have a ready answer. Although the levels of violence are different, their status in life is different in the opposite direction. So how is “President” Donald Trump’s CNN video different than Kathy Griffin’s beheading video? Why the outrage over one and crickets on the other? And at this point, I am having a hard time determining which one is the actual ‘b list’ entertainer?

One Response to What’s the Difference Between Donald Trump and Kathy Griffin?

  1. Gregory says:

    There is an equally unsettled and awful impact that both of those videos unleash. They each strike at the wretched level our politics has descended to and there are no winners. We are going too far in a most dangerous direction and with too much volatility among the electorate I fear a most dreadful and deadly event will be unleashed.

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