I am not entirely sure where to start addressing this. Violence never solves anything. I understand that free speech and free assembly belongs to everyone…but my father was a disabled veteran as a result of his service in Europe during the Second World War…not sure why Nazis should even be tolerated. But if you have thoughts on the events of the past several days, I would appreciate your input and comments:

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  1. Ed Heinzelman says:

    Democracy for America has helped bring together a powerful coalition of organizations, including Indivisible, United We Dream, Million Hoodies Movement for Justice, and many more, to support more “Stand in Solidarity with Charlottesville” events all across the country this evening. Will you participate?

    Sign up to attend a “Stand in Solidarity with Charlottesville” local event in your area. http://act.indivisibleguide.com/event/stand-in-solidarity-with-charlottesville/search/?refcode=g-CVilleRally0813.d-20170813.m-9643.s-34320

    Can’t find an event near you? You can sign up to host a local rally here. http://act.indivisibleguide.com/event/stand-in-solidarity-with-charlottesville/create/?refcode=g-CVilleRally0813.d-20170813.m-9643.s-34320

    Thank you for standing up to hatred and bigotry.

    Robert Cruickshank, Senior Campaign Manager
    Democracy for America

  2. Duane12 says:

    Thanks Ed, Heather was/is special, a role model for us all as described today by her mother.

    My heart aches for her loss, but I will renew my efforts against the forces of injustice and devisiveness and their hatred.


  3. onevote says:

    As a former northern Virginia resident, it’s very different than Wisconsin. Virginia is very prosperous around the DC area, but not-so-much elsewhere; it has always been controlled by elite white oligarchs, and they still live the Confederate “Lost Cause.”

    Virginia is noted for being home to many Presidents (U of VA was originally built by Jefferson, and the GOP/Koch/George Mason people always sport “Jeffersonian Democracy.” Pat Robertson makes the Roanoke area his base, the Falwells in Lynchburg, and instead of celebrating Martin Luther King Day, they have “King-(Robert E.)Lee-(Stonewall)Jackson Day.”

    Arlington National Cemetary was before the Civil War ended the plantation of Robert E. Lee–the famous house at the top of the hill above the graves of John and Robert Kennedy and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was called “Arlington House” (which was the name patrician conservative New Right Republican William F. Buckley used for his publishing enterprise).

    Alt-right William Spencer and his neo-Nazi crew follow directly from this tradition. As I understand it, the Lee statue in that public park was built as a reaction to the 1954 Supreme Court Brown decision, that desegregated public schools.

    This is all about racism, segregation, and the alt-right actions were meant to be symbolic in a very provocative way.

  4. AJ says:

    It would be nice to have a President who is open when they condemn Nazi’s. Our society is stronger when we embrace diversity and immigration. The best way to make our society better is by people taking civic responsibility and voting in elections.

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