Ok, take a deep breath and calm down. I am not suggesting for a moment that the Trump administration round up and deport dreamers. Actually I am proposing exactly the opposite.

What we should be doing is granting green cards to all of the dreamers. They were brought to the United States as children. They had no say in their movement…they dutifully followed the lead of their parents. Many of them have no memory of Mexico or their Latin American heritage and are as American as many of the rest of us. They have contributed to the US, have jobs, families and educations that make them Americans. They should be granted permanent resident status and paths to citizenship…for they are for all intents and purposes Americans.

And then we should use the immigration laws already at hand to issue green cards to their parents and siblings as immediate family members. They are all key elements in our economy. There would serious issues in many many sectors if they were forced to leave.

So I am suggesting that we won’t need the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals anymore if we do the right thing and provide permanent immigrant status to those already here…already contributing to the United States.

Btw, tomorrow is the DACA day of action:

Tomorrow, Tuesday, August 15, allies across the progressive movement are
coming together for a day of action to defend DACA and the 800,000 immigrants it protects. We’ve put together shareable Facebook and Twitter content to show our support of DACA. We need your help in spreading the word on social media. You can view the DACA call script here, and you can learn more about the DACA Day of Action here.


Jason Rae
Democratic National Committee

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