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Foxconn Could Be Environmental Disaster : But beyond all this wrangling uncertainty we surely will face the under-discussed issue of environmental impacts. According to the Journal Sentinel, Foxconn was attracted to Wisconsin (and potentially Michigan) because of the bordering Great Lakes and their plentiful supply of fresh water, an increasingly rare resource worldwide. A factory of Foxconn’s anticipated size could require millions of gallons of water per day. On paper, Lake Michigan could supply that. But you may ask yourself: What do electronics manufacturers do with all that water? Where does it go when they’re done with it, and in what condition?

Why I Oppose Foxconn Deal : Rep. Brostoff on corporate extortion, suicide nets and the race to the bottom.

Foxconn Loves Wisconsin, Walker : Gou, who founded Foxconn in 1974 and now employs over 1 million people primarily in Asia, explained why his firm is choosing Wisconsin to open their first North American factory. One might have expected him to lead with tax breaks, available workforce or a massive supply of fresh water, but that wasn’t the case. Gou exclaimed “I’ve never seen this type of governor or leader yet in this world.” Gou praised Walker for flying to Japan to tour a Foxconn facility even though it was on a weekend. He also told a story involving Walker not eating dessert at a meal in early July when Foxconn executives were in the state. Gou noted that he was told by Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation CEO Mark Hogan that Walker heads home to his wife Tonnette every night, where she prepares his favorite dessert. The first lady then made an appearance on stage to embrace her husband and wave to the crowd. Hard working and a family man.

Will State Get Conned by Foxconn? : The history of Foxconn promising major investments in facilities and gaudy numbers of jobs versus the reality of what they do, or don’t, deliver ought to create more skepticism

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