How Do We Contend With Trump’s Defiance of ‘Norms’? : If there was anything a teenager in America could count on, just a few years ago, it was that she could stand up and ask a question at a political event without fear that a future president would try to grind her into chum. It didn’t take long for our last campaign to change that. At a New Hampshire forum in October 2015, an 18-year-old college student named Lauren Batchelder questioned whether Donald Trump was a ‘‘friend to women’’ while asking about equal pay and female autonomy. The next morning on Twitter, Trump called Batchelder ‘‘arrogant’’ and her manner ‘‘nasty,’’ pointing a torrent of supporters’ violent threats her way.

A Small-Town Police Officer’s War on Drugs : In September 2014, Eric Adams became the first person in New England — to his knowledge, the only person in the country — whose job title is prevention, enforcement and treatment coordinator. ‘‘I never thought I’d be doing something like this,’’ he told me. ‘‘I learned fast.’’ The department printed him new business cards: ‘‘The Laconia Police Department recognizes that substance misuse is a disease,’’ they read. ‘‘We understand you can’t fight this alone.’’ On the reverse, Adams’s cellphone number and email address were listed. He distributed these to every officer on patrol and answered his phone any time it rang, seven days a week. Strangers called him at 3 a.m., and Adams spoke with them for hours.

If Trump decides to ‘let Obamacare implode,’ rates will soar for millions : President Donald Trump appears inclined to send rates soaring for at least some health plans sold directly to individuals and families next year, a move that could make health insurance far more expensive for millions of people who don’t get federal subsidies through the Affordable Care Act.

University of Wisconsin System says it needs more state money to help meet Foxconn’s workforce needs : The University of Wisconsin System says with more state money, it can boost engineering enrollments and training for other workers needed by a Taiwanese electronics company that has big plans to build a factory in southeastern Wisconsin. With the state budget still in flux, and the UW System’s funding along with it, the clock is ticking for the public university system to detail what it would need to quickly help fill workforce demands for Foxconn’s planned investment of $10 billion in a massive display panel plant in Kenosha County or Racine County that could eventually employ 13,000 people.

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