Math that I even I can do!!

Toyota and Mazda want to build a joint venture auto assembly plant in the United States. They estimate that it will cost $1.6 Billion…for a car plant…with 4,000 jobs.

Amazon wants to build a second headquarters somewhere in the United States that’s not named Seattle. Bring the jobs to the people…find a cheaper location with a lower cost of living…1 million square feet…40,000+ jobs…$5 Billion.

Foxconn is going to build a plant that will build flat screens for a variety of electronic items…granted state of the art flat screens…but we know how long anything in tech remains state of the art. With from 3,000 to 13,000 employees…for $10 Billion.

$1.6 Billion to build cars…$5 Billion for a world class HQ campus…but $10 Billion to build TVs? For a company who already has flat screen plants through out China? Is somebody pulling my leg?

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