A Democratic debate worth having : Here’s a debate I would like to see about the future of our country brought to you by the two wings of the Democratic Party. Let’s call them, imperfectly, the pro-growth and fairness sides of the party. First, for the fairness side: Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.)…For the pro-growth side, Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.)

Harvey caused a chemical plant explosion. Is that the next face of climate change? : Among Hurricane Harvey’s devastating effects were environmental accidents. In Crosby, Tex., for example, a chemical plant lost electrical power, leading to a massive fire. While media reports have understandably focused on the flooding, these accidents reveal a new consequence of climate change — some of which will prompt fierce political fights over who should pay for the cleanup. With Hurricane Irma barreling down on Florida, more such fights seem likely.

6 Trends Hurting State’s Workers : Even as the state’s unemployment rate declines, Wisconsin workers face significant barriers to economic stability, according to a new look at the state’s labor market. Long-term stagnation in wages, a black/white economic disparity that is among the largest of any state, increasing levels of income inequality, a shrinking middle class, and limits on the ability to unionize are among the obstacles faced by Wisconsin workers, according to The State of Working Wisconsin 2017 by COWS.

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