How to Build Wisconsin’s Economy : Years ago, Michael Porter of Harvard Business School argued that successful business strategies took one of two forms: cost leadership versus leadership in differentiation. A company emphasizing cost leadership will do everything it can to drive down costs. Differentiation strategies take a variety of forms, but they all emphasize finding some unique characteristic, ideally something that others find hard to copy. It might be innovative products, responsiveness to customer needs, or a high service level.

The Buck Starts Here : As for so many other people, election night did not pan out quite the way Robert Stryk expected. Stryk began the night slumped in a Morton’s steakhouse in downtown Washington, tuning out the guests at his watch party to type out the campaign announcement of a buddy who — in the wake of Donald J. Trump’s all-but-certain defeat and the Republican Party implosion that was sure to follow — planned to make a long-shot bid for chairman of the Republican National Committee. He ended it by closing down the bar at the Mayflower Hotel, and after the race was called, giddily marching down Connecticut Avenue with his friends as they chanted, ‘‘Make America Great Again!’’

Democracy vs. Math : Sophisticated computer modeling has taken district manipulation to new extremes. To fix this, courts might have to learn how to run the numbers themselves. (Wisconsin example of gerrymandering)

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