It’s starting to feel like Alderman Tony Zielinski is running for mayor (disclosure: I live in Alderman Zielinski’s aldermanic district). Today’s press release:

Alderman Tony Zielinski is taking action to save police and firefighter positions after
Mayor Tom Barrett’s announced 2018 proposed City Budget would lead to steep cuts to
emergency response positions and closures of Milwaukee fire houses.

Alderman Zielinski drafted a resolution that would allow residents and corporations to
donate to Milwaukee’s Police and Fire Departments. His hope is to keep officers and
firefighters from losing their positions, saying that public safety and quick response times
have to be a priority.

Alderman Zielinski says, “Recently a resident testified in a budget meeting about how the
paramedics saved her life. In her case and so many others, every second counted. In my
view this is exactly why we need to keep every cop and every firefighter in place.”

The resolution was drafted and referred at the Common Council meeting. It will then
appear before the next Finance & Personnel committee. If the resolution passes the
Council, residents and corporations could donate to the fund to support Milwaukee
firefighters and police.

This on top of complaining about the mayor and city hall when he couldn’t get some open acreage in Bay View rezoned for a park (when we do need housing in BV), when everything that is wrong in the city is related to the street car, and his support of a bill to request the state give the common council authority to fire the police chief, etc.

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