In his typical I have no idea what’s going on here mode, Governor Scott Walker urged the NFL to stop the current player protests and go after domestic violence. Most of us are aware that the protests are about violence against minorities and particularly police violence against black men…including the killing of a number of unarmed black men in questionable police activities. And like so many others, Gov. Walker doesn’t even get that the protests don’t disrespect the flag or our nation or our troops. They are what they are…and our flag and our nation represent freedom of speech and our troops defend it…and their oath on enlistment states they will defend the US Constitution…where those rights are enumerated. That oath never mentions the flag or the nation…just the Constitution.

So governor, get used the the protests and be thankful they have nothing to do with you directly at this point. And don’t expect anyone else to take up what you think is an issue. Particularly since I don’t recall you ever really caring about it before…now. And may I suggest you tune into the game at kick off and avoid the pregame events.

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