Who do you have in the World Series? Whose name will be on Mueller’s first indictment? Getting your leaves raked today? Storm windows put up?

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2 Responses to Sunday Open Thread: 10/29/2017

  1. onevote says:

    Don’t “have” either Dodgers or Astros; why does interest in sports have to be about Betting? Just know that Houston beat LA last night in extra innings, 13-12. Don’t much care for either team or just being fascinated about sports, rather than music, politics, religion or your favorite food.

    Raked those leaves (although most those leaves are still on the trees).

    Just wish we could be allowed to understand a true view of politics and the corruption of Trump and Clinton. Without it, there can be no real choice in 2018.

    • Ed Heinzelman says:

      I didn’t say betting…I don’t bet. But when I do watch sporting events like the Super Bowl or the World Series, I usually have a ‘favorite’. It makes it more fun for me to watch. I am rooting for the Dodgers cause I am an NL fan…altho I should hate them for beating the MKE Braves in the one game playoff in 1959 for the NL pennant.

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