A cry from Puerto Rico: ‘In my life, I have never seen anything so mismanaged.’ : Before Hurricane Maria hit, Eric Spackey, the trim open-faced chief executive of Bluewater Defense, a Puerto Rican maker of U.S. military uniforms, was thinking about new markets, workplace efficiency and replacing the roof on the factory he has been renting from the island’s industrial development agency.
Now Spackey is trying to put that life back together. The subject of a Washington Post article in July 2016, Spackey has been difficult to reach by phone since the hurricane but he managed to send an email on Thursday and speak briefly on the phone before losing communications contact again. His factory is just 60 miles from San Juan.
“This has been truly one of the most difficult experiences in my life, with the potential for becoming much worse,” he wrote.

Why do we allow politicians to shush us on the gun debate? : I guarantee you that if a Muslim jihadist opened fire on a crowd in Las Vegas, President Trump wouldn’t wait a nanosecond before invoking his Muslim ban. After all that is precisely what he did after the London subway attack, when the nationality of the bomber(s) was still unknown. If a mass killing had been perpetrated by an illegal immigrant, do we imagine Trump’s press secretary would implore us not to discuss immigration in the wake of the violence?

Trump flees Puerto Rico early after humiliating 4 hours in hurricane zone : Donald Trump left Puerto Rico more than an hour ahead of his scheduled departure time, capping a day filled with bizarre behavior, strange statements, and humiliating moments.

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