Trump is failing, and the White House is covering it up with lies : President Trump cannot fail. President Trump can only be failed. Trump and his allies tell us so. He can only be failed — by the filibuster (never mind that no GOP repeal bill got 50 Senate votes); by the “Fake News” media, which fails to honestly report on his smashing successes; and even by Republican congressional leaders, who have let the Russia probes get out of hand and secretly oppose his agenda.

Why Trump is scaling back the contraception mandate and trying to destroy Obamacare : One of the enduring mysteries of the Trump era so far is how the president maintains the steadfast loyalty of many of the Republican Party’s key constituent groups despite the fact that his presidency has been a long series of blunders, bumbles, pratfalls and screw-ups, all against a backdrop of White House chaos and naked corruption. I have a theory to explain it, one that can be seen in today’s big news that the Trump administration has issued a rule to dramatically cut back the Affordable Care Act’s contraception mandate and in the administration’s ongoing sabotage of the ACA in general.

The Strange Politics of ‘Classified’ Information : Is it easier to keep secrets when you have fewer of them? Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan seemed to think so. Twenty years ago, he was chairman of the Commission on Protecting and Reducing Government Secrecy, insisting that the ‘‘protecting’’ and the ‘‘reducing’’ parts went hand in hand — that in order to safeguard the secrets that really mattered, those secrets would have to be few and far between. The commission combed through a long history of protected information, concerning everything from bomb tests to Communist infiltration, before calling for a vast reduction in the amount of federal information deemed ‘‘classified.’’ Moynihan hoped that the end of the Cold War had made Washington’s pernicious ‘‘culture of secrecy’’ obsolete. But history did not go his way.

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