5 reasons that Trump hates the Iran deal : President Trump hasn’t been shy expressing his distaste for the Iran nuclear deal negotiated under his predecessor. He has called the 2015 agreement disastrous, horrible, and one-sided, and he has vowed to get rid of it or renegotiate the terms. Trump has already given his approval twice to preserve the agreement, albeit grudgingly. The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) — which took 13 years to negotiate but was accelerated in the last two years of the Obama administration — restricts Iran’s nuclear program and lifts some sanctions.

Can The U.S. Still Lead In Manufacturing? Do We Even Want To? : Once a beacon of employment for working-class communities across the country, the U.S. has lost more than 5 million factory jobs since 2000. Thanks to advances in automation and robotics, manufacturing output continues to grow strongly, but we need fewer people actually working on the factory floor. After employing as much as 38% of the U.S. workforce in the 1950s, just 9% of Americans are employed through manufacturing today.

Laying out a comprehensive case that Trump obstructed justice : In what amounts to an amicus brief for use by special counsel Robert S. Muller III and his team, Norman Eisen, Barry Berke and Noah Bookbinder have released a 108-page article on the topic of President Trump’s possible obstruction of justice. While noting that criminal misconduct is not the only basis for impeachment, they argue that the special counsel’s finding of such conduct certainly should inform Congress’s decision.

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