The White-Minstrel Show : American authenticity, from the acting-even-whiter point of view, is not to be found in any of the great contemporary American business success stories, or in intellectual life, or in the great cultural institutions, but in the suburban-to-rural environs in which the white underclass largely makes its home — the world John Mellencamp sang about but understandably declined to live in. Shake your head at rap music all you like: When’s the last time you heard a popular country song about finishing up your master’s in engineering at MIT?

Promise the Moon? Easy for Trump. But Now Comes the Reckoning. : President Trump leaves little doubt about what he thinks of his predecessor’s top domestic and international legacies. The health care program enacted by President Barack Obama is “outrageous” and “absolutely destroying everything in its wake.” The nuclear deal with Iran is “one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the United States has ever entered into.” Yet as much as he has set his sights on them, Mr. Trump after nearly nine months in office has not actually gotten rid of either. Instead, in the past few days, he took partial steps to undercut both initiatives and then left it to Congress to figure out what to do next. Whether either will ultimately survive in some form has become a central suspense of Mr. Trump’s first year in office.

Wary of Hackers, States Move to Upgrade Voting Systems : State election officials, worried about the integrity of their voting systems, are pressing to make them more secure ahead of next year’s midterm elections. Reacting in large part to Russian efforts to hack the presidential election last year, a growing number of states are upgrading electoral databases and voting machines, and even adding cybersecurity experts to their election teams. The efforts — from both Democrats and Republicans — amount to the largest overhaul of the nation’s voting infrastructure since the contested presidential election in 2000 spelled an end to punch-card ballots and voting machines with mechanical levers. [eds note: but in Wisconsin, crickets]

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  1. onevote says:

    I think it’s dumb to rely on your musical tastes to form your political motivations. My fault, I guess, I just never really appreciated the country focus. Never had a cowboy hat, thought Tom Petty and Mellencamp were alright, and did not spark my interest in music.

    Our mainstream media still obsesses on the pop, and treats anything else as loserdom. Believe it or not, some people don’t have to rely on a big college degree for success, but have to genuflect to the pop to make a living. Just because you’re a college graduate does not make you smart; many college grads could not fix their tire if their life depended on it.

    Saw this new media program that really gives Dems future chances something to think about:

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