Why Public Health Insurance Could Help : Adding public insurance as an option in the complex American health care system has been treated as a consolation prize for those who really favor single-payer health care, but the lighter approach might pack much more punch than you might think. What’s more, the best way to see that is by looking at the Indian labor market and the Mexican grocery market. Why should jobs in India or food in Mexico have anything to do with health care in the United States? They are linked by the logic of supply and demand, which applies in the United States and in countries very different from it — countries that the United States doesn’t turn to often enough for policy lessons.

Corker shows how Republicans can dump Trump : Pundits and clueless Republicans are tempted to write off the back-and-forth between President Trump and Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) as a “feud” or “sniping,” as if this were merely a petty, personal spat. While Trump is often petty, the public fight between one of the most powerful senators and a failing president has serious repercussions for Republicans’ agenda and the future of the GOP.

I’ve never been attacked more’: Sanders cites ‘real facts’ to show media ‘hostility’ toward Trump : White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who works for President Trump, doesn’t like the media’s tone these days. “I’ve never been attacked more, questioned more. I was called a liar by a major network in an official statement, I’ve been called outrageous things on air, and it goes unquestioned, no pushback,” said Sanders during a panel discussion Monday night hosted by Frank Sesno and convened by George Washington University’s School of Media & Public Affairs. Hostility from the media is a theme to which Sanders returned a couple of times during the nearly two-hour event. “I do think that there is a greater sense of hostility that I’ve seen in this administration than in previous, and I think that you see that reflected in the numbers, in the coverage,” said Sanders, who cited a study showing that 93 percent of the coverage was negative and 7 percent positive.

One Response to What We Are Reading: 10/25/2017

  1. onevote says:

    While I am against Mike Huckabee’s daughter representing our government, I think our whole mainstream media dominance over what we think is opposite of what democracy should represent.

    Good thing that Bob Corker and Flake dis Trump for his actions, but their Congressional political records speak otherwise.

    We as individual humans should not be forced to follow the scheme of choosing between a Flake and a non-Flake.

    Real Dems and citizens deserve better.

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