This is how the NRA ‘politically weaponized’ its membership : Most Americans support at least some gun regulation, including a federal database of gun owners, background checks for purchases at gun shows, and bans on gun ownership for those diagnosed as mentally ill or considered potential terrorists. But those gun owners who oppose any such measures are intensely political active, as is well documented. That vocal activism is crucial to the NRA’s influence.

Flat-Fee Primary Care Helps Fill Niche For Texas’ Uninsured : Under the practice model, called direct primary care, patients are charged monthly — typically $20 to $75, depending on age, in Graham’s practice — for basic, office-based medical care and frequently cell phone and other after-hours physician access. Proponents of the model, which is also supported as a practice option by the American Academy of Family Physicians, say it can provide a safety net for those with limited treatment options, including the uninsured and people in the country illegally. The alternative is particularly helpful in states like Texas that haven’t expanded Medicaid access, the advocates add. But there’s a sizable catch: Direct primary care is not insurance.

One Thing About Guns All Americans Can Agree On : So, let’s just skip that worthless debate after the largest mass shooting in American history—this one murdering 58 Americans and wounding nearly 500 more in Las Vegas. Instead, let’s start with one thing about guns all Americans can agree upon. I’m serious. There actually are such things. Here’s the one I would suggest: No one in this country should be able to shoot 550 people at a time.

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