Before I got sidetracked last month by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s lack of letters to the editor on their JSOnline web presence, I wanted to talk about one of the letters printed there. So I am going to go for it from memory but it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Well the gist of the letter from a woman from Waukesha County touted how she voted for Donald Trump because she wanted to shake up Washington and see stuff get done. And we needed Trump in the White House because the legislatures (sic – if my memory serves) couldn’t be trusted to get anything done or serve the will of the people.

Yet Waukesha county sent Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who has served nearly 20 years in the House of Representatives, back to Washington and 74 year old Congressman James Sensenbrenner, who has been in Congress nearly 20 years longer, back as well. May I suggest that these are the very legislatures (sic) you were railing against?

After watching the Party of No hinder and stonewall President Obama for eight years, I can feel your pain and empathize with your feeling that nothing good is getting done in Washington. But that is exactly proof that the entrenched incumbents in Congress need to get thrown out on their duffs…like now.

Why did you send them all back?

2 Responses to Why I Voted For Donald Trump!

  1. Dohnal says:

    Why do we send them back? Cause they are doing great job.

  2. Other Side says:

    Oh my god…only Bob can make me laugh so hard the monitor needs cleaning.

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