I haven’t found confirmation yet that it passed, but as a veteran trapper and hunter of woodchucks, I was excited to see that the Wisconsin State Legislature was considering a woodchuck hunting season. Actually I didn’t realize that you couldn’t hunt them. So if this thing passes, what is contemporary thinking, some sort of AR-15? Recommendations appreciated!

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A few people have questioned me about my Blogging Blue posts on gun violence and my understanding of guns. Granted I have never owned or fired a handgun. But long guns are a different story…and I found this in a trove of old family photos that I recently acquired…a picture of me when Pewaukee was still the wild wild west outside of the village. This is at home on my grandparents’ farm where we lived (from the haircut circa 1964). The thing in my left hand is a Remington bolt action 22 caliber single shot rifle and the thing in my right hand in the leg trap is a late local meteorologist…who will never predict six more weeks of winter again…or rip out the field stone foundations in the barn and pump house!

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